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Innovation always starts from an idea. An idea that comes into being with many questions and doubts but which, through believing in it and embodying it in a project, can finally become real. This is exactly what has happened with the Aurora Project by Sacyr Construcción.

Recognising innovative projects that enable society to progress: that is precisely the objective of the awards for the Top 100 Ideas from Actualidad Económica, prestigious prizes with a long history, which are already celebrating their 38th edition. These prizes recognise the most innovative ideas in 16 areas of activity. The winner in the sphere of industrial innovation was Sacyr Construcción, thanks to its Aurora Project.

This project, developed in a consortium with Kemtecnia and Ariema Enerxia and with the collaboration of the University of Huelva, represents a revolution in the way power supply is conceived and is designed to take over in disaster situations. Thanks to the fact its system does not require an external supply of energy, Aurora – the first autonomous, self-deployable, mobile renewable energy generation unit –makes electrical energy available to emergency teams immediately, independently and autonomously.

One of its advantages is that, once deployed, it permanently provides energy from renewable sources. In addition, its power storage batteries ensure the continuity of the supply and it has an optional fuel cell which generates hydrogen and oxygen in a renewable manner. Its only waste product is steam.

Thanks to its remote system, its operations can be monitored from the control point, thus preventing the need for visits to the area of operation if any problems arise.

Who can benefit especially from the advantages offered by Aurora once launched onto the market? These would range from different NGOs to public bodies and, of course, construction companies, as in this way energy can be supplied to isolated sites which conventional energy cannot reach.

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