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iFriday: Cemex Ventures’ keys to innovation in the construction industry

The last iFriday of the season was packed with new ideas about how to innovate in an industry with such a long history as the construction industry has. Gonzalo Galindo, General Manager of Cemex Ventures, told us about it, explaining their initiatives to invest in start-ups with which to grow in the future.

The last iFriday of the season was held on 30th June. It was dedicated to innovation in the construction industry by investing in start-ups, an initiative being implemented by Cemex Ventures, which its general manager Gonzalo Galindo explained.

Cemex, one the world leaders in cement production, was hit hard by the economic crisis, like the rest of the sector. And like many other companies, it wondered: how can we grow and leave those bad times behind? Cemex had no doubt: by investing in innovation, collaborating with small businesses capable of generating new ideas in a mature industry. These are the keys to the growth of any company.

With this goal in mind, Cemex Ventures was created in order to work on digitalizing and modernising the industry in the hope that this effort would help them to “identify the trends; what awaits us that will change the industry” to move forward and continue growing. For this reason, they focused on four areas of investment: connectivity of the supply chain, new construction trends, financing and urban development

Its way of incorporating these new ideas is based on opening up to others, contacting companies, institutions, public and private entities; generating ideas of change and developing investment opportunities, that is, looking where to invest after talking, analysing and reaching conclusions.

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