Pumarejo Bridge and Hisgaura Bridge in Colombia: higher, further

Pumarejo Bridge Colombia

Sacyr is building various emblematic projects in Latin America. Today we will talk about two singular infrastructures that it is building in Colombia. Two unique bridges that will set new records in the country: the longest, Pumarejo bridge, and the highest, Hisgaura bridge.

Colombia is one of the countries in which Sacyr has consolidated its presence and where it is working on projects that are essential for the development of its national road network. Proof of this are two major infrastructures: Pumarejo Bridge, in Barranquilla, and Hisgaura Bridge, in the Santander Department.

With a budget of 615,000 million pesos (223 million euros) President Juan Manuel Santos signed the construction project for the former in April 2015, awarding it to the consortium led by Sacyr Construcción (along with Esgamo Ingenieros Constructores). This bridge is expected to improve trade between inland Colombia and the departments of the Caribbean region and Venezuela, as the new crossing over the Magdalena River will modernise the connection in Barranquilla and enable large vessels to pass.

Pumarejo Bridge Colombia

Pumarejo Bridge will become one of the country’s most significant civil works, as it will be the longest bridge in Colombia, spanning 2,173 metres and the largest of its kind in South America, with a 38.1 metre wide deck. It will have two approach viaducts, Santa Marta-Puerto and Puerto-Santa Marta; the central section will be cable-stayed; it will span 380 metres between 80 metre-high pylons and the vehicle deck will have three lanes, a pedestrian zone and a cycle lane at both ends of the section.

The highlights of its construction process are that it is being built on site and at a significant height, thereby guaranteeing the work flow and good performance; materials will be received from the deck, with no need for cranes or auxiliary hoists.

It is without a doubt a convenient, large infrastructure for users and it will improve traffic flow, as well as increasing safety and the level of service provided to the people in the area.

Hisgaura Bridge

The other major bridge on which Sacyr Construcción is working is the bridge being built over the Hisgaura gorge, which will become the highest structure in Colombia.

Hisgaura Bridge, along the Curos-Malaga motorway (Santander Department), will resolve the passage through a critical and steep area with constant road closures. These will become a thing of the past when the construction work ends, which is already more than 40% complete.

Spanning 580 metres and the highest point at 147 metres from the ground, Hisgaura Bridge will be the largest cable-stayed bridge (with 128 stay cables) in South America. It will connect Malaga with the Curos stretch and will have four piers, two lanes (one in each direction), two pedestrian zones on each side, its own substation to power the necessary lighting and preventive technology to monitor the behaviour of the infrastructure.

It constitutes a major step forward that will contribute to improving Colombia’s roads.


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