“Sacyr Life’s success consists of bringing together employees from different areas and countries”

“Sacyr Life’s success consists of bringing together employees from different areas and countries”

In the photo, from left to right: Roberto Sánchez, Coral Martín, Manuel Manrique (Chairman of Sacyr), Estrella Córdoba and Miriam Castellano.


The importance of communication should never be underestimated. Offering the best service is not enough if we are unaware of how to communicate well inhouse and outside any business organisation. For this reason, Sacyr has awarded its “Natural Innovators” award to Estrella Córdoba and Coral Martín from Communication and to Roberto Sánchez and Miriam Castellano from ICT in recognition of their work on developing the Sacyr Life app, an app which connects the company's stakeholders around the world with each other. This is an open platform which can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, and brings users closer to the day-to-day activity of our company.

The fact that it is open to the entire public shows, as Miriam Castellano explained, a clear desire to “enhance knowledge of Sacyr's different activities and boost its reputation and brand image”.

“We want to bring our company closer to people outside our sector such as young people who are just starting their careers. These days, we spend more time in front of a smartphone than in front of a computer screen, so having a corporate app is key”, said Miriam.

To date, the app has been downloaded over 1,000 times just on Google Play, which represents a real success bearing in mind “the huge number of apps we all have on our mobiles”. However, looking beyond the numbers, Miriam and her colleagues believe that “the success of the app consists of bringing together employees from different areas and countries”.

Sacyr Life gives an all-round perspective of the company, as it offers content in different areas: Sacyr Sostenible (Sustainable Sacyr), with news related to the environment and CSR; Personas (People), containing all the aspects which have to do with human resources; Bienestar Laboral (Workplace Wellbeing), where the information about sport (Club Deportivo Sacyr) and workplace safety is published; Actualidad (Current Issues), where the more relevant news about the company, its subsidiaries and the holding company is posted; and Innovación (Innovation), which brings together all the topics and news related to innovation in the various areas.

Those responsible for Sacyr Life affirm that the app is a tool which makes it possible to show, inside and outside the company, Sacyr as it is today. “We are in the midst of a transformation process which will remain incomplete if we are unable to convey what our companies is like to all of our stakeholders properly. This app is a step in this direction, as it enables us to reach employees who don't have access to the corporate intranet, as well as other stakeholders, like NGOs, shareholders, university students, job seekers, administrations”, stated Castellano.

The entire team who made it possible to connect Sacyr to the public through the most direct channel in existance, the telephone, expressed their gratitude for the award, a prize which “encourages us to continue implementing improvements for all our users”. They feel “proud to belong to a company committed to new ideas and to human development”, they concluded.


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