‘Smart Guadalajara’, the real digital transformation of cities

‘Smart Guadalajara’, the real digital transformation of cities


Valoriza Servicios Medioambientales was one of the winners at the Natural Innovators Awards for its design of an online management platform for waste collection and cleaning services.

The first line of action Valoriza Servicios Medioambientales (VSM) focused on was managing municipal services (road cleaning and waste collection, maintenance of green zones, infrastructures, mobility and road maintenance) that revolve around local residents, their well-being and their quality of life. Without doubt, the pursuit of excellence in each of its activities is a constant, key principle. At Sacyr, we are lucky enough to have people who pursue this level of excellence in their day-to-day jobs. Pablo Pérez and his team at VSM know that continuing along this path always engenders personal satisfaction and recognition. Indeed, his project, known as Smart Guadalajara, was recently awarded a Natural Innovators Award.

As Mariola Terciado, the head of innovation at VSM, explained, “At Smart Services, we work by applying digital transformation to our experience in providing services to the town so as to meet the demands of an increasingly interconnected society and contributing to generating more sustainable and resilient towns and cities that are more attractive to live in.”

Goals of “Smart Guadalajara”

This project arose to improve the town with the help of new information and communication technologies. For the project, Pablo Pérez’s team thought up an online platform to manage waste collection and cleaning services. This tool would enable local residents to tell the town council, with immediate effect, about any incidents arising in the services. In addition, the town’s technical services have a scorecard that allows them to know the status of the services in the town and which incidents remain unresolved by type of service, and even grouped by area, thus obtaining a “heat map” which enables decision-making by optimising resources and the resulting quality of service.

To get local residents to participate actively and to enable the municipality’s technical services to become familiar with the tool, Pablo and his team understood very clearly from the start that the application should be based on ease of use. “Elements like the inventory of the different infrastructures and resources, incidents and quality indicators should be easy to look up”, highlighted Pablo Pérez, talking about the platform.

Main contributions

The main contributions of Smart Guadalajara are the total openness of its platform, its scalability and its ability to evolve as the town grows. However, not everything is set in stone in this platform; there are still many opportunities for improvement, for example in sensor technology and in manufacturers. “Projects like these generate a tremendous amount of data which, when analysed, can lead to interesting conclusions for service optimisation. In addition, based on historical data, we can determine certain routines that make it possible to perform predictive analyses to be able anticipate certain incidents,” commented Pablo Pérez.

Initiatives and awards like these demonstrate the special commitment from leading companies to constant innovation, as well as acting as a driver to motivate all those committed to innovation. In the words of Pablo himself, “innovation and the pursuit of excellence are about working to find a meaning in what you are doing that goes beyond solving the temporary problem you have, they are about triggering changes that improve processes and finding new approaches to tackling problems.”

The new innovation culture at Sacyr facilitates communication, enabling dormant ideas to emerge and be shared among everyone, a path we all believe in.



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