Miguel Ángel Torres, site manager at Sacyr Construcción Chile and winner of the in-house initiatives award at the 7th edition of the Sacyr Innovation Awards saw an open door to be able to develop a system with numerous benefits for the companythrough Ingenium, the innovation platform for sharing and stimulating ideas for apps for the company.

After receiving the award from Manuel Manrique, Chairman of Sacyr, Torres told us about the keys to his innovative project to benefit internal management at Sacyr.


What does the project consist of?

Of introducing a GPS-based geolocation system on any equipment onsite. With this system, from the very start we will obtain a great deal of information about the equipment; with this we will be able to correct and address situations such as increased performance of the equipment, unnecessary duplication of resources, monitoring of actual production and consumption of fuels. It is possible, from the safety point of view, to control the graphics assessing the operators, the speed, to lock off equipment when we see that drivers are not observing safety rules, and so on. All this with reports put into Excel and these passed into Project to really have the information in diagram form and look at the project based on actual data.

In this way, we can observe the behaviour of machinery resources for the tasks performed throughout the project. The application will be able to be used from any geographic area, as well as at any stage of the site. The field personnel will have the app to manage the equipment that is under their responsibility.

How did you come up with the project to control machinery production?

When you are the site manager and analysing large-scale linear works (in this case, we are talking about being in charge of 50 kilometres), you spot that to have total control of all the site equipment, you are lacking something which could help to manage it better and therefore to achieve higher productivity and cost savings.

How long did it take to set it in motion?

It didn't take long as it was a trial to be able to look into the GPS solution for machinery on linear sites but personally I believe it will be a success and something innovative directly on site and will have a diverse range of benefits at cost, safety and site quality level, with respect to new customers in the future.

Tell us: how did you feel when you found out that you could be one of the winners?

Surprised but very excited to witness the change on developing it, to listen to in-house professionals with years of experience and to have our ideas taken into account.

At that moment, it was a mix of feelings that is hard to put into words. Although for me it has been, above all, recognition of the journey, the experience, the day-to-day, because all this is part of being dedicated to the company, by wanting to find solutions to enable us to get better every day. From the very first day, I haven't stopped travelling to wherever is needed so that we can, between all of us, develop a better future.

What has winning this award meant for you?

That I always have to continue fighting for my ideals.

When you began working at Sacyr, did you think that some day you would win an award due to the way you innovate?

Since I started at Sacyr, day by day I have been achieving many things, such as the satisfaction of doing it as well as I can. I have also learnt from many professionals, both at Sacyr and at Valoriza and this prize is the perfect incentive to keep thinking about innovation, about development, and to keep on contributing to our company.

Sacyr is committed to technological innovation and to research, but especially to its team and to ideas from inside the company, based on management, safety and quality.

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