Apps that change your life (or make it easier)

Apps that change your life (or make it easier)

Without them, our mobile phones would be used to make calls and little else, and although in the wide universe of apps there are many that are only used for entertainment, there are just as many others that make our lives easier. These five, well used, can make your everyday existence simpler.


1.- Sacyr Life

Sacyr launched our Sacyr Life app at the end of last year in response to our commitment to new technologies and to serve those people who like to be constantly connected and see the world through their mobiles. Sacyr Life connects the company’s stakeholders around the world as it is an open application which can be downloaded by anyone, not just employees.

Our app publishes content of interest on a broad array of topics – corporate volunteering, environmental sustainability, news about the sector, the Sacyr Sports Club, etc. – thus strengthening the company's communication channels.

2.- Socratic

Designated the best app of 2017 by Google Play, it aims to help young people with their homework and especially with mathematical operations.

Based on Artificial Intelligence, Socratic is a question-based search engine. The user states a query or takes a photo of a mathematical operation and the app searches the Internet to discover the answer. It also offers explanatory videos and tutorials.

3.- Mobile payment systems

The mobile payment systems developed by Samsung and Apple have revolutionised this industry, replacing physical money with digital payments. Through them, it is possible to pay with credit and debit cards through the contactless system without needing to physically carry them, and to pay by just holding the chip on our telephone near the reader.

4.- Be my eyes

This app was created to help and support others. It is something like a social network that connects those who cannot see with volunteers.

Be my eyes creates a community in which people with visual disabilities record the object that they want to see and, through a video-audio connection, another person – a volunteer – gives them a description of it.

This app won last year's Google Play award for the most innovative app and it is one of the highest rated on iOS and Android.

5.- Hogwarts Mystery

Maybe this app is not one which makes your life easier, but it has been one of the most eagerly awaited and downloaded apps of the last few months. The mobile Harry Potter game was presented on 25 April and obtained thousands of downloads, much as the enormously popular Pokemon GO did in its day.

With Hogwarts Mystery, Harry Potter fans can attend the mythical school of magic. They choose the house they want to belong to and off to school they go!


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