Do you accept our challenge?

Do you accept our challenge?

We citizens not only have the right to enjoy the planet which we live on but also the obligation of looking after it and the power of improving it to guarantee the common good. The future is an ongoing challenge and at Sacyr we have got down to work to share with the innovative community our eagerness to meet these challenges and to seek solutions to help us in our digital transformation process.

That is why we propose 5 challenges for you, which we launch under the umbrella of Sacyr iChallenges, a programme of innovation intended for anyone who seeks and offers solutions to real problems.


Challenge 1. Smart Cities

Our aim is to recycle more. According to Mariola Terciado of Valoriza Medioambiente, Spain's recycling objectives for 2020 are 50% ‘when we are actually at 33%’. The goal of the challenge is clear: to create new models for identifying the waste generated by each citizen so as to establish a system to enable the rewarding or penalising of recycling practices.


Challenge 2. Water

The application of virtual and augmented reality at water treatment plants has great potential. The challenge consists of finding the perfect formula to make use of this technology to optimise the operation and maintenance of the plants and to improve the experience of both clients and workers.

“We have pinpointed two needs. On the one hand, the importance of providing technological support for facilities that are located in different countries; and on the other improving brand image, competitiveness, and the incorporation of new technologies", explains Domingo Zarzo of Sacyr Agua.


Challenge 3. Infrastructures

Have you any idea of how to improve the road surface deterioration models now available on the market? Static data are currently used, but we propose to achieve the application of big data and artificial intelligence so as to develop more precise systems to predict long-term deterioration. “We want to make use of the new tools available to introduce all the historic data that we have on these roads”, says Pablo Mochón of Sacyr Concesiones.


Challenge 4. Engineering

We put our faith in the smart planning of major construction work, which is why our fourth challenge seeks ideas and projects that manage to minimise human intervention in the process of work planning, which by means of algorithms of artificial intelligence performs a large part of the task. Do you have any ideas?


Challenge 5. Services

The last challenge puts to the test the creativity of the candidates and their capacity for finding a new integrated system to help to predict the need for road maintenance in contracts run by the so-called ‘management by indicators’. “This challenge arises as a change in business model. The new contracts of the Administration include management by service levels as a consequence of two objectives: improving user safety and extending the life of the infrastructure”, explains Marco Sosa of Sacyr Servicios Conservación.

These are the challenges. Now it's up to you. Will you take them on?

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