Hospitals that cure and protect the environment

Hospitals that cure and protect the environment

A hospital is a complex organisation that must address different issues every day in order to provide the best care to patients.

One of these issues is odours in paediatric emergencies, which Julio Díaz Corona from Sacyr Servicios and his team have resolved at Hospital Universitario de Henares, in Coslada (Madrid). The improvement is accompanied by other innovative energy efficiency solutions that have helped reduce the hospital's gas consumption by 30% and its water consumption by 20%. For all of this, at the end of last year Díaz Corona received the Sacyr Natural Innovators Award for Social.

In order to reduce the hospital's gas and water consumption, Díaz Corona and his team refurbished the hydraulic heating circuit to separate the flow temperature of the heating and cooling element of the fan coil units, making the 932 fan coil units in the hospital work at a low temperature.

At the same time, they installed a bypass valve in the primary heating circuit in order to harvest the heat generated to heat the water in winter. According to Díaz Corona, “this enables the water heater to be switched off for a few months with the consequent energy saving.”

Regarding elimination of odours in paediatric emergencies, Díaz Corona talks about ‘common sense’.

“To resolve the problems with odours the service has had for years, all we did was install an extractor unit in the sewer with output to the roof to prevent excessive depressions, particularly at the bottom of the drain pipes, enabling the air at the bottom of the column to find an exit,” he explains.

Talent, innovation, entrepreneurship or curiosity have been constant during Díaz Corona's career, who sees his recognition as a reward for his entire career, "more than for these small solutions” -he explains- and for the teams that are working with him today and that have worked with him in the past.

Natural innovation, in services, must drive the company. That is what Sacyr contributes: added-value that makes us stand out or that should make us stand out from our competitors. This enables us to offer more customised services to our customers and make them more satisfied,” he adds.

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