How to transform a dream into an enterprise

How to transform a dream into an enterprise

Innovating, becoming an entrepreneur and achieving success is possible, as long as you really believe in it. The important thing is to overcome our fear and find the necessary motivation to make our ideas come true.

On the first iFriday of the year, we have learned of the story of Eric Frattini, founder and director of Trex Exploring. This versatile man has not only achieved success as a writer, he is also a regular contributor to television, a photographer and the founder of companies of a social nature. He has also worked as a war correspondent in the Middle East and covered many armed conflicts in countries such as Chechnya, Croatia and Bosnia. He is the author of over twenty papers on international politics.


From climbing Kilimanjaro to crossing the Atlantic

Eric's project began in March 2015, after watching an interview with a woman who suffered from morbid obesity and was talking about her experience as a cancer survivor. “This woman weighed 140 kilos and had been through very aggressive breast cancer. Her oncologist told her she had to try to walk as it is the best way to overcome the effect of the chemotherapy. She ended up running the New York, Boston and London marathons”, said Frattini. This story of resilience marked the start of an idea that would lead him to organise solidarity-based expeditions to the most secluded places on the planet.

The first challenge led him to scale Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa. On this adventure, he was accompanied by five women who had beaten breast cancer. This journey to the heart of the African continent culminated on 29 September 2015 at an altitude of over 5,800 metres. “On the 29th of September at 6:15 Tanzania time we reached the peak of Kilimanjaro. It was a great success”, stated the founder of Trex Exploring.

One year later, in 2016, he embarked on a new expedition which took him to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a sailing boat together with five women who were cancer survivors. “In this case, 98 girls applied for the five places. We crossed the Atlantic in 13 days and eight hours, beating the record for this type of boat. This expedition had 130 million impacts in the Spanish press. Everybody saw it”, said Eric Frattini.

On his next trip, he travelled through the most emblematic places in Peru with four girls and four boys who had undergone, to a greater or lesser extent, bullying at school. Over 16 days, the expedition Aventura C95 Stop Bullying, visited some of the wonders of the country such as the city of Cuzco, Machu Picchu and the Amazon jungle. The aim: to raise awareness about the huge problem that is bullying.


Upcoming challenges

In his next challenge, the writer will sail around Spain in a boat with women who have suffered from gender-based violence. “In June, I pick up a gigantic sailing boat, the Gran Jotiti, and bring on board six women who have suffered from gender-based violence. They are going to sail around Spain, from Bilbao to Barcelona, in 23 days”, he stated.

For Eric Frattini, the most important thing about all his adventures is to convey a message of life, hope and optimism. “The most important thing for me is for the message these women or children are giving to be widely broadcast because this is what makes social awareness jell”, he concluded.

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