angle-left iFriday: 10 breakthrough technologies that will transform our lives

iFriday: 10 breakthrough technologies that will transform our lives

Ranging from 3D metal printing to the most advanced online privacy techniques, the speaker Pedro Moneo, founder and CEO of Opinno, gave an overview of the technologies being invested in today which may be part of our day-to-day lives tomorrow.

As we were able to see at the most recent iFriday and according to the MIT Technology Review, there are 10 technologies being invested in and developed which will have a great impact on our lives in the near future. Some are not yet widely used, while others are about to reach the general public.

Pedro Moneo, founder and CEO of Opinno (an innovation consultancy based in San Francisco and the exclusive publisher of the MIT Technology Review in Spanish) was the speaker at our latest Innovation Friday devoted to these technological innovations which will change our world in all respects.

Innovations such as 3D metal printing (enabling innovation in design and even the creation of improved metals), the development of sensing cities (with Toronto having the first experimental developments) and the creation of carbon-free natural gas are set to change our environment.

Our health will be modified with genetic fortune-telling (DNA alterations and improvements) and through the development of artificial embryos, which can be achieved by “scratching the skin to generate stem cells and thus making it possible to reproduce an individual”, stated Moneo.

The way we communicate will become improved through Artificial Intelligence applied to simultaneous translation earbuds. This technology can also be applied to the cloud, achieving, among other things, perfect protection for our data.

The development of generative adversarial networks is enabling “computers” themselves to learn through trial and error, and with quantum supremacy there will be computers which can, for example, make calculations that a normal terminal would never manage to perform.

The challenge we face due to these innovations is to develop appropriate legislation, and to “know who is going to be at the top of the pyramid, as ‘Big Brother’ is not going to make a lot of noise”, said Moneo.

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