Innovative Talent: how to identify and make the most of all its potential

Innovative Talent: how to identify and make the most of all its potential

The iFridays have returned after the summer break. The first meeting of the new season took place on 28 September, with innovative talent as its core topic. The event involved Diego Rocha, the Innovation Director at Sacyr, and Francisco Martínez, Manager of Celera, who explained the keys to accelerating innovative talent and the nature of the Celera programme, a project which was created to identify young Spanish talent and provide these talented individuals with the tools to help them make the most of their potential.

The event kicked off by analysing what innovative talent is and how it develops. According to Rocha, innovative talent requires courage and curiosity that leads people to consider many different questions and provide solutions that enable them to evolve regarding how they face these challenges. “An innovator has a long-term focus, low risk aversion, high creativity, active use of technology, transparency and great influence over others”, stated the executive.

Francisco Martínez explained that talent is the coming together of intelligence, attitude and aptitude applied to any process, highlighting attitude as the essential factor for activating intelligence and exceptional aptitudes. Celera's aim is to capture this talent and train young people to know themselves, accept themselves and detect their own weaknesses.


How is the programme structured?

The Celera programme encompasses two broad areas. The first works on the individuals’ professional development. Celera therefore boosts talent by developing socio-emotional skills that make it possible to encourage emotional intelligence. These factors are aimed at generating a feeling of belonging and strengthening intrapersonal intelligence in order, later on, to put into practice the knowledge acquired during the process. These sessions are also geared towards tutoring projects and new talents.

The second area is related to widening the person’s collaborative network. To this end, the programme fosters participation activities at events of interest, the organisation of special events, networking and the seeking out of key mentors, among other aspects.

“What is happening with professionals with technical profiles is that while they are doing a doctorate, for example, the environment in which they are moving is very restricted and specialised. We are looking to complement skills and aptitudes among the participants for the new projects”, said Martínez.

Celera places the individual, not the project, in the foreground. The programme is attempting to discover what drives each individual to develop the plan. The second element is the purpose, knowing where they want to get to. Lastly, at the end of the programme, we must measure things and find out the feedback to study the results.

At the current time, the Celera programme, in its fifth edition, is looking for 10 new talents. The only requirements are that candidates be under 35 years old, be resident in Spain and have a good command of English.

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