New identity, new challenges

New identity, new challenges

Having a corporate identity is one of its most valuable assets for a company, it is its letter of introduction to the world.

Sacyr renewed its corporate identity last year to show what the company is today and to project itself into the future. The corporate motto was added to the blue and aquamarine logo: Challenges met (Desafíos cumplidos).

Alicia Durán and Natalia Jiménez were behind this important project, from the Marketing and Corporate Identity department. Both have been awarded with the Natural Innovators Award that the company awards to all those employees who have stood out for their work during 2018.

The implementation of Sacyr's identity has entailed more than two years of work. A creative and planning process aimed at framing, within the global and border-free spirit of the company, those features that define it above all: its committed team, its desire to excel and constant work for society. In this sense, Challenges Met perfectly illustrates the entrepreneurial spirit that guides the Company.

The winners stress the importance that teamwork has had in achieving Sacyr's new corporate image, combining different sensibilities. According to Alicia and Natalia, "From our department, it is clear that we must help and respond to different areas and businesses, it is essential to go hand in hand with them in each project".

"Thanks to the new identity, we are communicating to the outside world the changes that take place within our company; it is everyone's job", they point out.

"The Innovative Natural Awards is an opportunity to present good projects, good ideas and also great teams. Besides, this year we were the only women among the winners, so we are even prouder", they say. A true testament to their work that has been a pleasant surprise with which they felt the affection and recognition of their colleagues.

Talent, teamwork and innovation are some of the keys to the work of both prize-winners. "Innovation is a key element in our company, it means facing the challenges we encounter every day," say Alicia and Natalia.

Congratulations to our "Natural Innovators".

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