Predicting the future to improve road safety

Predicting the future to improve road safety

Manuel Suárez is the CEO of Valencia-based startup Tyris AI, winner of the eighth edition of the Sacyr Innovation Awards in the External category. The team at Tyris AI submitted the best project to address the challenge set by Sacyr involving analysing advanced predictions of road surface deterioration. The startup’s project consisted of an innovative predictive analytics system using machine learning and Big Data technologies.

The winning company, Tyris AI, is working with Sacyr on this project, which is developing an automatic learning module that modifies the equations and calculations of the deterioration of the road surface through a massive intake of data and sources held by Sacyr about the imperfections in the asphalt. The startup's role involves being present in each phase of the project and contributing all the knowhow it has gained about predictive analytics systems. Another of the functions of the Valencia-based company is to guide at a technical level all the Sacyr personnel who are in charge of monitoring each of the project's operations.

This technology, developed by the Tyris AI team, offers several benefits for both Sacyr and society. “It provides greater safety to everything involving the life cycle of the road surface in the road network, as we’re going to be able to predict much more precisely the type of deterioration that will occur in each section of the road. The maintenance operations developed and applied to the road surface are going to enable them to be much more delimited and more detailed in each case where there’s been deterioration, which translates into greater safety on the roads and a reduction in all the costs”, stated Manuel Suárez.

The CEO of Tyris AI highlighted the ease and close relationship in working with the professionals at our company, as working shoulder-to-shoulder with the corporation has enabled the project to progress at a great pace. “The fact we are working with Sacyr is an opportunity to apply a very wide range of the technologies we are developing. A corporation like Sacyr has certain business lines which really allow for technologies like ours to be applied.

Sacyr Challenges is an innovation programme through which startups submit their projects to address the challenges set by Sacyr, with the aim of optimising and improving, through emerging technologies, Sacyr's processes in its different business areas. Manuel Suárez encouraged other startups to participate in Sacyr's challenges for 2019. “It's a very productive event, through which startups can establish a long-lasting working relationship with Sacyr”, he concluded.

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