Reinventing or dying, how to change the world through innovation

Reinventing or dying, how to change the world through innovation

At Sacyr, we’re currently undergoing a period of transformation regarding our activities. We’re reinventing our processes, culture, value proposals and even the way to use technology to continue building a better world. To drive and lead this technological change, we carry out a wide variety of innovation initiatives – both internal and external- to make this transformation a reality.

Sacyr iChallenges, our program of co-creation in which we work with startups and other innovative players, collective intelligence campaigns for employees (Ingenium), such as Sacyr Circular, or the development of large projects with a high technological and digital level around the world, strengthen our position as an innovative leader in urban infrastructures and services.

Innovation provides endless opportunities and new key business models to generate competitive advantages, improve efficiency and, especially, improve the quality of service and life of citizens and customers. We want to continue changing the world and building an increasingly prosperous and more sustainable society. Do you want to see how we are doing it? Click on the video.


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