Technology at the service of employee safety

Technology at the service of employee safety

Safety in building infrastructures and fulfilling contracts and services is of the utmost importance at Sacyr, especially with regard to people. As such, all of the technology we use is intended to create safer work environments.

We are currently implementing smart applications that facilitate working remotely through augmented or mixed reality. Through the open innovation iChallenges program, several projects have been carried out using the 4Remote platform. “With a VR headset, a supervisor can remotely connect to a plant operator to conduct preventative inspections,” explains Clara González, from the power plant’s Provisions Department at Sacyr Industrial Operation and Maintenance.  

The Machinery Department of Sacyr Engineering & Infrastructure and Sacyr Water have just signed a contract to use this platform in their respective areas. As Alberto Avecilla, Head of Asset Monitoring and Control in the Machinery Department points out, “We started using this tool in September. We use it on those projects where remote assistance is required, but where we are unable to travel at present.” In addition, the SacyrTracking platform, which we are currently developing, aims to sensorize personnel worksites.  

The 4Remote platform may also be implemented at Sacyr Water. “It is designed to facilitate tech support and to conduct audits and inspections, etc., but its main task is to remotely assist those facilities that have process control problems at their plants,” says Domingo Zarzo, Technical Director and Head of Innovation at Sacyr Water. “It is a tool we are implementing in combination with others, such as digital twins and the digital avatar, that will greatly enhance the safety of activity,” Domingo asserts.  

More workplace safety devices 

Another of the technologies being implemented are thermographic cameras in the biomass stores of power plants, where olive tree byproducts are processed. Moreover, underwater drones are used to inspect wastewater outfalls, thereby preventing any decompression problems divers may encounter at 200-meter depths. 

Eloi Veciana, Manager of Sacyr Industrial’s Health and Safety Department, explains some of the other innovative solutions that Sacyr has implemented to prevent workplace accidents: “Using geolocation, we track all the vehicles in our Panama fleet, including subcontractors, in order to monitor driver conduct.” Veciana also describes the commitment to and implementation of 4Remote to ensure remote supervision at work centers. “We will be able to follow-up remotely on preventative tasks, scheduled inspections, safety walk-arounds, take part in the investigation of an event, etc. This solution is being tested at the Valdesolar project, a photovoltaic plant belonging to one of our most important clients, Repsol.” Work is also being done to implement a geolocation and monitoring solution for workers and machinery at biomass plants.  


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