The Pandora project and innovation “as a way of facing life”

The Pandora project and innovation “as a way of facing life”

Marcelo Onsurbe Oñate and Jorge Barangé Cuevas, from Sacyr Ingeniería e Infraestructuras, are an example of talent and entrepreneurship at Sacyr. The company has acknowledged their efforts with one of its Natural Innovators awards for their work on the Pandora project, which strives to gather information using drones.

“I didn't expect it, it was a real surprise, and a pleasure. I understand that even though the award is given to one person it should be considered as acknowledging a group of people who make projects and ideas come true. It sounds like a cliché but it isn't; one person on their own can't give shape to ideas”, explained Marcelo Onsurbe.

“Personally, I take it as a recognition of a way of facing life in general and work problems in particular. You always try to spend a few moments thinking how it can be made better, faster, cheaper, more attractively; and other times you look at it from a critical perspective, thinking how you could have done it better”, he added.

The Pandora project, developed in conjunction with Aplitop and Atyges, makes it possible to recreate a 3D map of the environment by using sensors mounted on unmanned land or air vehicles. The information gathered and the 3D recreation help to assess, monitor and supervise the status of a site – a real success story for RD&I at the company.

“After 20 years doing my work linked to the company and always abroad, I never imagined I’d get this award, or expected it. I feel grateful to those who have backed me and believed in my work, and it also represents a future responsibility to continue working along these lines, committing to solutions which make the job easier”, stated Jorge Barangé.

Pandora has a high-resolution vision which can be adapted to any unmanned vehicle to obtain the necessary measurements. Three characteristics evidence its capacity and success: it makes it possible to develop an autonomous navigation system; it enables the development of a multisensory scanning platform with movement and high-resolution images; and, lastly, it allows software to be developed based on virtual and augmented reality.

“Historically Sacyr has always encouraged and fostered the development of people and ideas. I've been at this company for 32 years and we have always sought to have the latest technology and find the best application, sometimes even using it for things which weren't included in the catalogue. All this has enabled us to be different and competitive”, said Onsurbe.

Jorge Barangé agreed with his opinion. “You have to be constantly searching for solutions that suit each business unit to be competitive and provide added value in an increasingly demanding market.”

The Natural Innovators award is a spur not just for two individuals “but for the teams who make projects become reality”, the two award winners agreed. This is the way to encourage new ideas to develop which will become “the seed for future projects”.

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