Valoriza Conservación, successful innovation in an internationalisation process

Valoriza Conservación, successful innovation in an internationalisation process


The work performed by the Valoriza Conservación de Infraestructuras team in the process of expanding to other countries is a great example of innovation and was a deserving winner of one of Sacyr’s Natural Innovators awards due to the way they have managed to export their business concept.

Innovation knows no geographical boundaries. If a project works, an analysis must be conducted of its features to try to export it successfully elsewhere. Raquel Calderón, Recruitment Manager at Valoriza Conservación de Infraestructuras, and Eva Jara, Head of the Administration Department at Valoriza Conservación de Infraestructuras, have worked with Fabio Manrique and Juan Manuel Sánchez Moreira on the subsidiary’s internationalisation process in an extraordinary fashion.

The international expansion of Valoriza Conservación outside Spain was a top priority for the company, as the domestic market is very mature and does not offer great challenges. Additionally, for innovative, restless spirits such as those of the award winners, internationalising the excellence of Valoriza Conservación to extend it to other markets was a great opportunity to grow.

Step by step, the internationalisation process of Valoriza Conservación

According to Calderón and Jara, for the management at Valoriza, the starting point was realising that the short/medium-term growth prospects of the Spanish market are limited due to its maturity. Given this fact, and leveraging the international experience and presence of the Sacyr Group, the countries involved were selected and prioritised in accordance with the following criteria: 1) they are taken into account in the Group’s Strategic Plan; 2) they already have the Group’s concessionary company, Sacyr Concesiones, or, failing that, any other subsidiary there; 3) professionalization of the sector; and 4) there are sufficient contracts allocated to enable the rollout. Of these criteria, the first works on an excluding basis, while the others enable an order of priorities to be set which ensures risks are reduced and limited and guarantees economic and financial stability in the medium and long term. This strategy is reinforced by the inclusion of the Group’s infrastructure conservation companies in Latin America. Finally, a business plan was developed and executed that would allow for gradual, safe implementation; subsequently, the knowledge of Valoriza Conservación of those markets was broadened.

Raquel Calderón underlined the major tasks performed by Fabio Manrique. “He is the pioneer. Under his direction, we studied the potential markets in accordance with the criteria highlighted and his own criteria and the conservation of the concessions that the Group had internationally, in particular in Chile, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and Colombia, were included.” Juan Manuel Sánchez Moreira, Technical Director at Valoriza Conservación de Infraestructuras, also had a very significant role in the internationalisation and understood how to transfer the company’s know-how in those countries.

This project, according to Eva Jara, has managed to improve the economic and financial ratios of the services outside Spain that Valoriza Conservación has incorporated into its portfolio. She also stressed secure growth, the reduction and limiting of risks, efficiency, and the greater efficacy of the company, both in Spain and in the new countries where it is present, as the four great contributions of this internationalisation plan.

Valoriza Conservación de Infraestructuras, present in more markets

Thanks to this innovative internationalisation process, Valoriza Conservación has successfully set up in Chile and Peru, and both Raquel and Eva anticipate that it will be rolled out during 2017 in Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia and Italy. “Currently, we still have this goal of internationalisation, and continue analysing new markets such as Mexico and the UK and entering those where new, low-risk opportunities have been spotted”, the two award winners stated.

In addition, both “natural innovators” believe that the acknowledgement given by Sacyr further motivates them to continue growing and researching new ways to expand and improve. They have set a great example.


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