We are sweeping away the dirt of the past with the technology of the future

We are sweeping away the dirt of the past with the technology of the future

Jesús Hernández Sánchez Gallego is the Head of Machinery and Equipment at Valoriza medioambiente and one of the winners of the latest Sacyr “Natural Innovators” awards. The recognition by the company and his colleagues has been a source of “great pride” for Hernández Sánchez Gallego, taking into account, as he stated, “the highly-qualified nature and calibre of the human capital we have at Sacyr”.

In this case, the award honours his determination and efforts in implementing improvements in processes and equipment with the aim of standing out from Sacyr's direct competitors. The result has been the new design of the sweeping equipment of Valoriza medioambiente.

Hernández Sánchez Gallego has developed a functional and economically viable prototype on a sweeper machine, based on the design of a packet of innovative solutions consisting mainly of three elements. “Hardware, the mechanical system and specific and cross-cutting control software which achieves the automation of the suction and improves the efficiency and precision of the vehicle”, explained Hernández Sánchez Gallego. In addition, the sweeping machine also recognises obstacles and warns the driver, and can even activate the brakes of the vehicle, if necessary.

The new design of the Valoriza medioambiente sweeping equipment not only involves the automation of mechanical sweeping tasks, but also incorporates additional safety elements, “aspects which had been immobile for a long time in this type of machinery”, he highlighted.

His successful design and implementation are also remarkable thanks to the corresponding maintenance cost savings and the optimisation of the work. “Not only will it better the performance of the approximately 200 units which are currently in operation, but we will also manage to stand out, from a commercial point of view, from our competitors with a product that only VM will be able to offer in future tenders”, stated the Head of Maintenance.

The project is funded by the Centre for Technological and Industrial Development (CDTI) with a budget of approximately EUR 500,000.

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