We are transforming ourselves to transform the world

We are transforming ourselves to transform the world

Society is constantly evolving, with the aim of improving human beings’ lives in an increasingly globalised world. At Sacyr, we have been investing in talent, effort and dedication for 30 years to improve infrastructures and services for the public. Meeting the challenges, no matter how difficult they appear, has been a constant in the history of the company over its three decades and the message and commitment that guide the new corporate slogan of the Spanish multinational: Challenges met.

We have met challenges by building infrastructures that seemed impossible to imagine years ago to make people's lives easier; we have transformed ourselves and we want to continue to do so every day.

The new corporate identity we have just launched shows this commitment to overcoming challenges, placing our talent at the service of society, and reflects the spirit of transformation the company introduced as part of its 2015-2020 Strategic Plan.

Now we are also visualising this transforming by turning the shapes and changing the colour in the new brand logo. The new brand represents what we are and what we want to become, and the idea of continuing to transform ourselves to keep on helping to create a more prosperous and sustainable society.

It was three decades ago that we began this exciting journey, starting out as a road and irrigation company to become what is today an engineering and infrastructures, concessions, services and industries multinational. With over 30,000 employees around the world, Sacyr is currently a global enterprise which generates 60% of its earnings outside Spain and is working to expand its internationalisation. The company intends its new corporate identity to accompany the enterprise on this journey, building a solid identity to continue building tomorrow.


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